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Why Choose The Reading Studio?

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With the increasing use of digital technologies and with increasing demands on our time there is less opportunity for sustained conversation and deep engagement with literature. This trend is having a negative effect on the way children think and learn.

The Reading Studio aims to counter this trend. The Reading Studio teaches children to read, write and speak in a literature-rich environment. We don’t believe in hot-housing children and we don’t believe that children learn through repetitive drilling and worksheets. Research indicates that for most children, this approach is meaningless “busy work” which has little learning potential. Our focus is as much on the context and meaningful discussion that surrounds what we read as it is on the technical skills required to read. We believe that when children have deep engagements with literature and enter into meaningful related discussions with teachers and peers, they are not only developing skills in literacy but also skills in being able to think and express themselves creatively, analytically and independently. Our aim is to teach children to become creative, thinking, intelligent readers for life.

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