child reading

Programme for Ages 2-3


(Parents will receive a Report at end of program based on child’s progress against each of these objectives)

  • Show interest and enjoyment in picture books
  • Make text to life connections
  • Experience a range of themes related to self such as sharing, matching and sorting, the body and puzzles
  • Encounter new and unusual vocabulary
  • Ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ to different situations
  • Can sing the ‘alphabet song’
  • Is able to be the storyteller with use of simple pictures and basic questions from adult
  • Can follow simple directions

What to expect

  • Your child can show and name simple objects
  • Understand simple questions
  • Ask questions such as “what’s that?”
  • Enjoys simple stories about familiar experiences eg going to bed, playing, eating, making a mess, pets
  • Enjoys counting rhymes and songs
  • Enjoys being the storyteller with adult asking questions
  • Own favourite books
  • Enjoys repetition. Allow child to read the same book many times
  • Engage in pretend play based on familiar stories and routines

Notes for parents: how you can help your child learn about reading

  • Talk to your child
  • Explain what you are doing and why
  • Always ensure that reading is an enjoyable and entertaining experience
  • Help your child to ‘write’ on greeting cards, thank you notes, shopping lists
  • Minimal use of TV and computer games
  • Point out print when you are out and about
  • Have plenty of paper and writing tools available
  • Sing songs and nursery rhymes often
  • Make connections between picture books and your child’s own life
  • Go on outings – discuss before, during and afterwards
  • Never make comparisons with other children
  • Let your child see you reading and writing often

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