child reading

Programme for Ages 5-6


(Parents will receive a Report at end of program based on child’s progress against each of these objectives)

  • Demonstrate deep engagement with literature and reading
  • Develop awareness of how pictures express meaning (visual literacy)
  • Experience a range of illustrative styles
  • Encounter new and unusual vocabulary
  • Develop phonemic awareness
  • Become more experienced in making sound-symbol correspondences (alphabetic principle)
  • Exercise personal preferences in literature
  • Speak confidently to group
  • Gain experience with the language patterns of different genres

What to expect

  • Great individual variation
  • Some oral language structures still to develop
  • Beginning to understand abstract nouns eg courage, goal
  • Beginning to make links between speech sounds (phonemes) and letters of the alphabet (graphemes)
  • Developing metalanguage eg word, sentence, letter
  • Experimenting with print and mark making
  • Child will try new books as well as returning to old favourites

Notes for parents: how you can help your child learn about reading

  • Talk to your child
  • Read aloud to your child often
  • Include your child in your activities and explain what you are doing eg reading menus, comparing prices in supermarket, paying bills
  • Borrow books from the library and when possible buy special books
  • Allow your child to choose his or her own books
  • Minimal TV and computer at home
  • Find books together on areas of special interest
  • Play language games with your child
  • Follow instructions and recipes together
  • Never compare your child with others

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