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Programme for Ages 6-7


(Parents will receive a Report at end of program based on child’s progress against each of these objectives)

  • Develop metalanguage for talking about literature eg plot, theme, imagery, characterisation
  • Develop understanding of how pictures convey meaning (visual literacy) eg colour, point of view
  • Listen respectfully to views of others
  • Make intertextual links
  • Experience the language and visual patterns of different genres – poetry, folk tales, parodies, fantasy, realism
  • Encounter new and unusual vocabulary
  • Consolidate understanding of alphabetic principle and concepts of print eg punctuation
  • Make intertextual links between texts, within texts and with personal life

What to expect

  • Beginning to become self-conscious and concerned what others may think of them
  • Beginning to understand riddles, puns, jokes and other forms of wordplay
  • Enjoy comic, slapstick stories about things they experience eg school, teachers, food
  • Emerging readers: starting to read simple texts
  • Starting to write words, often leaving out the vowel sounds
  • Write spontaneously for a range of purposes eg signs on doors, lists of friends
  • May enjoy writing and illustrating their own stories
  • May enjoy copying pictures of popular toys, TV and cartoon characters

Notes for parents: how you can help your child learn about reading

  • Develop language for talking about literature eg plot, theme, imagery, characterisation
  • Allow your child to read all kinds of books, regardless of reading level
  • Do not push your child to read “older” books just because they can
  • Make links between different books
  • Continue to read aloud to your child
  • Talk about the literature you read
  • Show your own love of literature and reading in general
  • Buy books as presents and treats
  • Encourage your child to buy books with their own money

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